IoT Smart Overlay Secure VPN Mobile Platform

Carrier-grade private network securely connecting your Sensor and Control Data

The IoT Smart Overlay utilizes a carrier-grade, secure, fast and reliable private network. It delivers a cost-effective alternative to organisations wishing to avoid major investment in their own IT architecture, leased lines and associated support costs.
IoT Smart Overlay utilizes two separate TIER 1 data centers to deliver secure and resilient private network capability with fully redundant interconnects. IoT Smart Overlay connects via dedicated hubs directly into each of our major network partners utilizing APN gateways and RADIUS servers. A key feature of  Enviro-Controls secure VPN infrastructure is a single point APN which is common to several networks. This is particularly relevant when multiple devices are being connected across multiple networks. The APN will remain constant throughout.
Enviro-Controls  applies fixed IP (static IP) onto our mobile data SIMs within the E-Cgateways to enable secure routing from our Gateways Infrastructure to the E-Cvista IoT Software Platform.   This approach has great advantages for our customers from a cost and infrastructure perspective, with no CAPEX required to be part of the IoT Smart Overlay resilient private network.

Carrier-grade, fully redundant infrastructure across major Network Operators

  • Minimal upfront costs and a fixed subscription fee per Sensor per month thereafter
  • No need to purchase leased line and related infrastructure at a cost of $7500 to $75,000 per year per Network Operator
  • No in-house support, installation or on-going management required
  • Adheres to all customers’ existing security policies and firewall, security protocols and encryption
  • Scalable to an unlimited number of connected devices
  • Cost-effective connectivity for trials to ensure the network and products deliver the right level of performance – implemented typically within 48hrs
  • Flexibility – customers do not have to subscribe to connectivity through Wireless Logic.
  • Once authenticated at a network level, TCP/IP connections are established in both directions – based on the access lists or policies set on both Enviro-Controls’s Mobile Network interface the E-Cvista Server Firewall across an Internet standard IPSec tunnel. A connection to the back end E-Cvista Server is made and application layer security is  applied as  required by the Enviro-Controls Information Security Policy.

Enviro-Controls is a Verizon Partner

Using a secure mobile Virtual Private Network is one of the keys to IoT deployment success.

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The Importance of a Secure Mobile Virtual Private Network

Why Use IP VPN Remote Services
Global reach
Wireless access in more than 200 countries – seamlessly

Network Compatibility
Works across 4G, 3G, GPRS and GSM

Quality of Service
24×7 centralised monitoring and management, focused customer service and industry-beating Service Level Agreements

Multiple Tunnelling Standards
The IoT Smart Overlay  extranet switches are flexible enough to support a variety of standards-based tunnelling protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, and Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
Centralized Solution Management
E-C Vista Secure VPN service management is used to administer and monitor the IoT Smart Overlay mobile network connections.

Authentication Services
Enviro-Controls hosted RADIUS, internal LDAP, token integration, and X.509 certificates all available for increased security for VPN

Various Levels of Encryption  
Enviro-Controls IoT Smart Overlay DES, 3-DES, and RC-4 encryption methods for varying security requirements

Access Manager
Using Enviro-Controls  easy-to-use E-C Vista IoT Software Platform our clients can manage, connect, and change access services quickly and easily as well as apply policy to end-users for increased user management and security

Remote Services with Collocation
We combine the features of co-location services with the VPN in order to retain control of the hosting equipment while benefiting from the network redundancy, reliability, and security that comes with Enviro-Controls’ global IP network

Robust Connectivity
99.79% uptime (results over the last 7 years).