IoT Business Transformation Services

In order to realize IoT Success your organization must have a robust plan based on achieving high return business process optimization that drives market differentiation. The Enviro-Controls IoT Business Transformation System provides the tools and technologies for success.

The 4  IoT Business Transformation System Processes

Start with your key business pain points, determine your IoT Target Outcome, identify your Root Causes, solve with IoT, create your IoT Strategy Map, Tasks Plan and Business Case Financials.

Plan all your IoT technical components, connections, protocols, security,  data flows, data storage and software systems.  Your IoTblueprint is best realized by deploying the IoT Smart Overlay Platform as a Service.

Using your  IoTblueprint  the IoT Smart Overly Platform as a Service (PaaS) will be customized to your unique requirements.   The IoTdeploy process is trial, scale, create data for reports and analysis.

Combine the data flowing from your IoT implementation with other corporate data sources to successfully realize your IoT Target Outcome criteria and profitable financial results.

On-Site Consulting Programs, Strategy Sessions and Training

The Enviro-Controls IoT Business Transformation Consulting Programs can be utilized individually or together in a synergistic IoT Lifecycle model.

  1. IoTaudit System – This consulting program can be delivered on-site or using a “Do-it-Yourself” model. The rest of the consulting programs depend on the completion of the IoTaudit.  The output of the IoTaudit is your IoT Target Outcome, IoT Strategy Map, IoT Task Plan and IoT Business Case financials.   Using this information an informed Go/No Go decision can be made.
  2. IoTblueprint – This consulting program uses the output of the IoTaudit all the components of your IoT implementation can be identified and procured.  Data Models of each Sensor are created, Data Flows documented, Data Storage rules are identified.  A customized configuration of the IoT Smart Overlay is created.
  3. IoTdeploy – This consulting program creates your IoT deployment project plan and implements your IoT network. The length and activities in this consulting program are determined by the scale of your IoT implementation and structured to minimize costs.
  4. IoTtransform – The program is the most important in order to realize your Business Transformation.  Combining the data generated from your IoT network with other corporate Business Intelligence data  this program identifies the processes and steps required to realize your IoT Target Outcome.